Driver Rules for Live Race Lobby

  • The player agrees that his gameplay and behavior is shown live and that his game characters may be seen in videos.
    Misconduct in the chats -> immediate kick
  • Cheating, bugusing, deliberate framework, deliberately hindering the flow of the game and from a streamer's point of view, paintwork that is not wearable or offensive, as well as game character (this also includes, for example: paintwork etc. with content on tobacco, drugs and prohibited substances, etc.) -> immediate kick
  • Advertising of any kind is prohibited (including links to live streams). Exception if the streamer allows it and its agreed partners, e.g. cockpit / driver streamer. Of course you can stream your races live and also advertise your channel on your paint. Because guided lobby ensures nice content. If you want to advertise with the streamer, clarify this in the community here with the right streamer and write your link so that he can get an idea of whether the channel recommendation will work in the future.
  • Kicks are not discussed live. You are free to contact the lobby manager afterwards to clear up any misunderstandings.
    Racing accidents, driving your opponent too hard or other incidents that can disturb you can then be discussed in a respectful tone in the in-game chat with the relevant player. The lobby manager cannot assess such events and has the entire field in view. Network problems, driving errors, ignorance or the players who know each other from the outside can also lead to incorrect assessments.
  • Watch the in-game chat and stream for instructions from the game master.
  • Do not block a lobby space and possibly announce a race break. Blocked lobby spaces that have not been announced can lead to a kick, which the lobby manager cannot assess whether there is a bug or a private problem.
  • A nice gesture is to announce vacant space in the chat, as well as leaving the lobby early if you know you can't be there at the start of the race.
  • Letting the CPU run permanently is prohibited.

Racing etiquette: (Failure to comply can lead from warning to kick)

  • The route is always driven in the right direction. The course is also not a parking lot,
    No intentional raising of the yellow flag. (Finish line no handbrake check, no intentional leaving the route, not even when lapping, or parking a vehicle).
  • Note boxes exit white line and reverse traffic.
  • Allow drivers to hunt at times in inlap or choppy lap. But don't be too slow. This applies to Qualis and Warmup..
  • Note the blue flag. But do not leave the route. Try at the right place down from the ideal line and then briefly off the gas. Not directly in front of or in the curves of the gas and away from the ideal line, this leads to confusion.
  • After getting off the track, watch the traffic and don't just drive on the track. Try to travel as few as possible during a departure.
    Fair handling when clarifying a matter.
  • No zigzag blocking. A change of lane and then maximally back towards the ideal line will be fine if an opponent is sitting directly on your neck.
  • The DIVEBOMB should be avoided. Show how to overtake properly, because if you are faster it will work
  • Concentrated and careful driving style. Note your opponent's braking points and different driving styles. Take into account that every driver, every car could go through a curve differently.
  • Work hard, the longer the lobby runs you will be much more involved in one-on-one battles, which is sometimes still unusual.
  • Note the first corners after the start. Traffic jam danger and other braking points due to cold tires / brakes and lots of slipstream.
  • Fair play.

Note: Honestly where do you have the chance to drive in a managed lobby including live stream with changing settings? Present yourself or your team, or even great additional content for your stream.

You present yourself and your possible team. Show yourself as a true sportsman. Even if the adrenaline level is just high. When so many people meet, there are always things that bother anyone. You don't have to swallow it. Decent conversation is everything.